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Projected Capacitive Touch (CV-Series)

Custom Touch Solutions

Engineering and Manufacturing

Clarus Vision’s CV Series provides system integrators with a touch solution that is both modern in design and performance. Manufactured from leading edge true multi-touch projected capacitive film-based senor technology, the CV Series enables rapid, simultaneous, and precise multi-point input from a finger, glove, or passive stylus. The CV Projected Capacitive Series Panels are available in 2 and 10-point multi-touch configurations.

At Clarus Vision, we provide innovative touch screen solutions that allow system integrators and OEM suppliers to rapidly integrate effective touch capability into their product offerings. We specialize in the development of custom turn-key touch screen solutions, providing full design, integration, and deployment assistance to take your touch screen project from initial concept to final production.  Our industry-experienced staff offers quality and reliable touch screen solutions you can count on.

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Hills, Clarus Vision offers OEM's and integrators the best service with the fastest lead time in the industry.  Our engineers on staff will work with your team to assist with integration and scalability solutions.  With manufacturing capabilities in the United States, as well as Korea and China, Clarus Vision has a solution for you.  Whether you need a prototype delivered in an industry best four to five weeks, or high volume manufacturing, Contact Us Today!

Industry best 4-5 week lead time.
CV Modules
CV Modules
Controller, Sensor, and Cover Glass for easy integration.
CX Controllers
CX Controllers
CX Controllers support 10 point input, and 32" screens.
CV Sensors
CV Sensors
High quality Film or Glass configurations.

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Projected Capacitive
Surface  Capacitive
Resistive Multi-Touch

Input Points

 Up to 10  Up to 10  Up to 5

Size Range

 2.8"-32"  2.8"-32"  3.4"-24"

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